Food Science & Technology, Tokyo University of Narine Science and Technology Food Chemistry and Functional Nutrition




Our laboratory conducts several studies, including the chemical and biochemical evaluation of foods and their nutritional components, elucidation of the mechanisms by which foods contribute to human health, research on the prevention of food quality deterioration, instrumental analysis of extract components of aquatic animals and plants, and identification of taste-active components based on the results of these analyses.

1. Research on nutritional components in foods

Uptake and functionality of water-soluble components of mushrooms in animal cells

Food materials influencing the digestion and absorption of nutrients and their applications

Research of food waste components as a biological regulator and elucidate their mechanisms

Elucidation of the mechanisms of metabolic regulation in fish and applications of this research in food use

Elucidation of the functionality of new antioxidant components in animal cells

Natural food components those are helpful in disease prevention and elucidation of their action mechanisms

2. Elucidation of mechanisms of food quality deterioration during processing and storage

Prevention of chemical and enzymatic discoloration of foods using water-soluble components from mushrooms

Development of a discoloration prevention technique for vegetables and fruits based on enzyme inhibition by new antioxidant substances

Creation of new antioxidant components by the continuous culture of mushroom hyphae

Research on the influence of lipid oxidation on the quality of fish meat

Research on the production of formaldehyde in sea animal tissues